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Challenging My Fears and Anxieties – Figuring Out How to Blog

It has been nearly a year since I posted on this blog, and the reason is that I couldn’t figure out how to structure the page the way I wanted.  So, I just went on my quilty way and forgot about it except for the times I would remember and feel guilty.  (Guilty, not quilty!  I would rather feel quilty!!)

Now that it is coming up on the due date for some of the website hosting the guilt has grown enough to prompt me to try again.  Otherwise I had better give it up entirely.

New Juki Sewing Machine

What have I been doing for those un-blogged months?

Well, here is some of it.

This first one is quilty, not guilty; and so much fun!

Zen Chic for Moda - Dance In Paris
Dance In Paris

When I saw Zen Chic’s new line for spring of 2021 and her Spring in Paris quilt from it, I immediately imagined water lilies.

Inspiration Image
Lily Pond quilt

I have the perfect spot in my house for a long, narrow quilt.

Mid-Century Modern Living room

In June I made my first by Annie’s bag.  So naturally I chose to start with the largest one she designed!  Tools of the Trade.  It holds everything you need for a sew-day or retreat.  Including a 24” x 18” cutting mat.  I had fun choosing fabrics and learned a ton from her fabulous pattern.

by Annie's Tool of the Trade
Inside, pockets for tools
Large pocket
Fully opened

Also in June, I attended the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival for the first time.  It was so wonderful to be able once again to attend in person, take classes and meet other quilters!  Thanks to the vaccine!!

I took some classes in ruler work. 

Juki Sewing Machine
Ruler work
Practice piece

The machines supplied for that class was the Juki DX-4000QVP.  I fell in love with it and brought one home with me.  Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas for the next several years.  But it is an amazing machine for one who is used to using my 1941 Singer 201-2.

I also took a class from the fabulous Jacquie Gering. Similar to ruler work, but uses a different method.

Her work
My work
More of my work

That trip brought me home with even more new things to learn and practice and to be anxious about! A steep learning curve for me.

How about you? What are you challenging yourself to learn?

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